GECL has well-equipped environmental laboratory:

  • High Volume Samplers
  • Fine Particulate Samplers
  • Stack Emission Samplers
  • VU-visible Spectrophotometer with 200-800 nm wavelength
  • AnalaR Grade Chemicals & Reagent
  • 5-Digit Electronic Balance
  • 4- Digit Electronic Balance
  • Sensor devices for Indoor/Ambient Air Analysis and Weather Monitoring.
  • Water Testing Multi meter, COD Reactor etc.
  • Incubator for BOD5 and Microbial Count

Industrial Hygiene Assessment:

GECL use chemical sampling and analysis to assess workplace chemical concentrations and the potential for worker exposures. The validity of an assessment is based in part on the procedures used for sample collection and analysis, and on data interpretation. GECL followed as a Environmental Industrial Hygienist

  • Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs)
  • Threshold Limit Values (TLV)
  • Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL)
  • Short-term Exposure Limit (STEL)
  • maximalearbeitplatzkonzentrationen (MAK) in Germany ( Maximum Work Center Concentration)
  • Indicative and Binding Limit Values (ILV) in the European Union
  • Building Symptom Index (BSI) in Singapore
  • Indoor Pollutant Standard Index