Research Activity & Publications

  • Level of Gaseous Pollutants, Particulate Matters and Lead: The Case of Roof Top of Dhaka Buildings” in the Global Science and Technology Journal 4. No. 1. September 2016 Issue. Pp. 58 – 72.
  • Level of Sound in a Power Plant Generated by Natural Gas; A Case Study of Its Mapping”, (2015) in the journal of science and technology in Yala Rajbhat University.
  • Assessment of trace elements in some commonly consumed fish Species marketed in Kathmandu, Nepal, published in Research Journal Chemicals Sciences, Vol. 7(2), 42-48, Feb (2017).
  • Environmental Analysis of Arsenic in Water, Soil and Food Materials fromHighly Contaminated Area of Alampur Village, Amjhupi Union, Meherpur, published in ——————————————— Vol. X (X), XX-XX, 2017.

Ongoing Research Activity

  • Contamination of Organotin Compounds in Coastal Water of Southern Thailand.
  • Study of SO2, NO2 and CO of indoor air quality at residential homes in Dhaka city.
  • Comparative Study of Noise Level Between Urban and Rural Areas of Bangladesh”